QR Code Monkey vs CustomQR AI: Review

In the world of QR codes, there are various players that cater to different needs. Two of these players are QR Code Monkey and CustomQR AI. While both offer QR code generation services, there are significant differences in the types of QR codes they produce, the customization options, and the user experience. Let's break down these differences to help you make an informed decision.

Comparison between QR Code Monkey's standard QR code and CustomQR AI's unique QR code art

QR Code Monkey Generator

QR Code Monkey is a free, user-friendly service that enables you to create standard QR codes. Users can customize colors, add logos, and select from a number of standard patterns and frames.

CustomQR AI

In contrast, CustomQR AI takes QR code generation to the next level by infusing art into your QR codes. This unique blend of technology and art results in aesthetically pleasing QR codes that are not only functional but are also a feast for the eyes.

  • Artistic QR codes

    The primary advantage of CustomQR AI is its unique ability to blend art with technology, resulting in visually appealing QR codes that stand out.
  • Quick and easy

    With CustomQR AI, you can have your QR codes ready in just minutes. No need to spend time customizing QR code shapes and colors – CustomQR AI does the work for you.
  • High-quality images

    The QR codes produced by CustomQR AI are high-quality PNG images that can be scaled up or down without losing quality.
  • Personalized QR codes

    CustomQR AI accepts custom requests, so you can have a QR code that perfectly aligns with your branding.


While QR Code Monkey offers a straightforward QR code generation service with some customization options, CustomQR AI goes a step further by offering artistic, personalized QR codes that are sure to impress. If you're looking for unique QR codes that not only work perfectly but also add an artistic touch to your business, CustomQR AI is the way to go.