Reinventing Café Experience with CustomQR AI and Maynuu: A Contactless Evolution

Café owners, the future of the F&B industry is shifting towards contactless solutions, and now is the perfect time to modernize your business model. We understand the growing need for digital integration, and we're here to help. Today, we introduce you to a duo of digital revolution – CustomQR AI and Maynuu – ready to take your café experience to new heights.

Comparison between ordering workflow

Contactless Dining: Ordering and Payment Simplified

CustomQR AI, your one-stop-shop for artistically designed QR codes, is thrilled to partner with Maynuu, the power behind over 2,484 flourishing F&B businesses. Maynuu is an ecommerce platform that streamlines online ordering, payment gateway setup, and delivery integration, offering you a fully-featured on-demand delivery shop solution.

Contactless dining is the talk of the town. So, what does it entail? In essence, it's an ORDERING and PAYMENT system that gives your customer an uninterrupted café experience. Here's how it works:

  1. QR code placement: When a customer walks into your café, a QR code (crafted elegantly by CustomQR AI) awaits them on the table. Preferably placed on a placard (instead of a sticker), the QR code is easily scanned, updated, and replaced, preserving the aesthetics of your café.
  2. QR code example with asian food
  3. Scanning the code: Customers use their smartphones to scan the QR code, instantly connecting them to the digital world of your café. A simple tap on their screen, and they're linked to your restaurant's digital menu, hosted by the powerful Maynuu platform.
  4. Ordering and Payment: Your customers browse through your digital menu and place their orders, then conveniently pay online through the secured payment gateway set up by Maynuu. The order pops up on your café's application dashboard, awaiting your staff's confirmation.
  5. Food preparation and delivery: The final step is the heart of your café – preparing and delivering those scrumptious meals and drinks. As the orders start flowing into your kitchen, your café begins to buzz with efficiency and delight.

And there you have it – an interaction that keeps the café atmosphere alive while minimizing unnecessary physical contact. Customers can request additional items by scanning the QR code again, eliminating the need for physical menus and payment terminals. Plus, your uniquely designed QR code, courtesy of CustomQR AI, not only facilitates smooth operations but also adds an artistic flair to your café.

Don't fall behind in the digital evolution. Embrace this change with CustomQR AI and Maynuu, and redefine your café experience for the future. Because it's not just about serving coffee, it's about crafting an experience your customers will love and remember. It's time to spoil your customers with convenience, safety, and artistic elegance.

Experience the future of café dining today with CustomQR AI and Maynuu. Together, we are transforming café experiences, one QR code at a time.